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Seniors were measured for Cap & Gown

All members of the senior class were measured for their graduation caps and gowns last week but a makeup day will be announced as soon as a new list is generated. Thank you to all of the seniors who remembered to come to be measured for you cap and gowns last week during lunch, and additional thanks to the teachers who helped remind them to do so. You must have a cap and gown to participate in the graduation ceremony. For the seniors that were not able to make it down, once we compile our data we will summons the remaining students to come down and be measured at a later date. 

The required measurements are detailed here to assist you in obtaining accurate measurements.

  1. HEIGHT: record total height from top of head to floor (A to B) while wearing shoes. Record in feet and inches - e.g. 5'8".
  2. WEIGHT: list approximate weight in street clothes.
  3. SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: give the measurement in inches across the back from tip of should to tip of shoulder (C).
  4. SHIRT COLLAR SIZE: give regular shirt collar size or measure the neck about one inch above the collar bone. Record in inches.
  5. SLEEVE LENGTH: give usual shirt sleeve length or measure from Point D at center-back, around the elbow, and to Point E at the base of the hand while arm is in position shown in the diagram. Record in inches.
  6. JACKET (CHEST) SIZE: be sure tape is well up under the arms and over the shoulder blades before measuring completely around the chest (H). Record in inches.
  7. CAP/TAM SIZE: measure the circumference around the head. Record the exact size in inches to the nearest 1/4 inch. Note: Circumference of head divided by 3.14 equals hat size.

Graduation date is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th at 4 pm. Check the website or our facebook page for updates the next few weeks. 

Omayra Asad